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Vodafone GH also do have some amazing and affordable call bundle offers like Tigo, MTN and other networks. This guide is going to list out all available Vodafone unlimited call bundles and their short codes to access them.

The thing is, Vodafone call packages are not as popular amongst their users like on MTN. This is why we curated the list of these amazing bundles, so some Vodafone subscribers will be exposed to some of their amazing and affordable call offers.

1. Made For Me (M4M) – *530#

The Made for Me (M4M) is one of the popular bundle in the Vodafone community. The M4M bundles are integrated bundles that come with voice minutes, data bundles and SMS bundles. That’s what we meant by integrated, a single bundle that will give you different kinds of offers.

The M4M is available to every subscriber on the network. And there are no requirements to reach before you can have access to the offer. This particular bundle can be very loving when you’re a new subscriber. You can get 1 GB worth of data for just GHC 1.00. But as time goes on the offers will raise and become a bit expensive.

When we say expensive like, GHC 20.00 for 120 mins to call networks and 6 GB worth of internet bundle. You can also use GHC 20.00 to get 3,000 voice minutes to call Vodafone numbers and 200 minutes to call all other networks, 1 GB worth of data and 100 SMS for a duration of 30 days.

The shortcode to get access to the M4M offer is *530#

2. Vodafone Kasatenten (Free after one) – *135#

The Vodafone kasatenten is just like MTN GH’s free after one or Nkomode. With the Kasatenten you also pay for only the first minute of your call. With Vodafone there is a fixed fee of GHC 0.30p.

This means you can talk for minutes and pay just 0.30p. The amazing thing about this is, you can call all networks when you are on the offer. Unlike MTN, that you could use it to call only MTN numbers.

There are two different ways to subscribe to this offer. Thus, by using the USSD code *135# or calling 135 and then follow the prompts to subscribe to the offer. Also, you can unsubscribe to the offer later by using the same USSD code or calling the same number provided earlier.

Just like the M4M offer, there is no requirement to meet in order to get access to this offer. This simply means, it is available to every Vodafone user.

3. International Call Bundles – *150#

Vodafone also do have bundles for international calls for locals in Ghana willing to connect with family members outside the country. The IDD bundles, is one of the most important bundles to people who have dealings across the globe. It’s done only help them do business but also limit the amount of they will spend on just communicating to loved ones and business partners.

The IDD bundles do covers almost all the popular countries around the globe. From Africa to Asia and even the Caribbeans. Countries like, South Africa, Angola, Egypt, Morocco, Cayman Islands, Japan, China, USA, UK, Netherlands, Italy and many other countries.

Mostly, these bundles are monthly based and some are also weekly based bundles. And with as low as GHS 5.00, you can purchase some of these IDD bundles.

4. Red Bundles – *200#

The Vodafone red bundles are one of the most popular call bundles amongst all Vodafone Ghana’s call packages. These bundles range from daily to monthly thus, 30 days. And we will do our possible best to through some light on all of these packages available.

i. Daily offers:
The daily offers, are packages that are valid for a period of 24 hours which is equivalent to a single day. Package starts from 0.50p to GHS 6.00 and sometimes above. They are mostly, integrated bundles. You get both voice minutes to talk to both Vodafone numbers and other networks and also data bundle to browse the web.

ii. Weekly offers
Weekly offers are ones that last for 7 days approximately. With GHS 5.00 cedis you can get some of these bundles. Voice minutes to call other networks and Vodafone network as well, sometimes with data as well.

iii. Monthly offers:
Monthly bundles last for 30 days. They are the most expensive amongst them all. They are mostly integrated bundles. You get voice minutes and data to browse. With GHS 30.00 you can get yourself some of these offers.

iv. Non-expiry offers:
Just like it name goes, non-expiry, these bundles do not expire when purchased. And offers start from 0.50p up to GHS 30.00. They are mostly integrated bundles, thus bundles that come with both voice minutes and internet bundle for surfing the internet.

5. Vodafone Special Voice Offer: *110#

This is offer is known to individuals who use Vodafone cash to purchase their special bundles. The special voice bundles can be purchase only using your Vodafone cash. With this package, you can get 200 worth minutes for all networks for ยข5.00 only and will be valid for 7 days.

The procedure involved in purchasing this packages is nothing rigorous. The short code to access this offer is *110#. You’ll then select option 3 (which says data and airtime), you then select 3, (special offers). And then lastly, proceed to glance through the available offers.

One thing, this offer can be purchased for self, and for others. What we mean here is, you can purchase these bundles straight for friends and families. You’ll just have to enter their phone numbers and then confirm payment. You also purchase this bundle for yourself as well.

To conclude, Vodafone GH also do have cool and affordable call bundles, yet its not popular like MTN call bundles. The most popular is the red bundles and the made for me bundles which are all integrated.

Taking into consideration, the offers by Vodafone are affordable and have value for money. And it also solves most of Vodafone user’s problems. Calling others networks like MTN and Airteltigo, with the red bundle you can get more minutes by not spending a lot.

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