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Vodafone’s red bundle is currently their popular call bundle offer now. This article is will help you know everything you should know about this amazing integrated bundle offer from Vodafone Ghana.

Just as said earlier, the red bundle currently one of the popular call bundle packages on Vodafone’s offers list. This bundle is mostly an integrated bundle that comes with SMS, data, and voice minutes.

These bundles can be purchased using a short code or USSD code or with the official Vodafone app. Also, these bundles come in two major types, thus, the expiry and non-expiry offer. The flexi option on the other side, simply means, bundles that can be purchased with any amount.

With these bundles, you can get up to 100 minutes of talk time to all networks at ¢2.15 only daily.  And with 0.50p you can get 200 voice minutes to call all Vodafone numbers. Below is what you’d like to know about this offer.

Types Of Vodafone Red Bundles

As mentioned earlier in the article, the red bundles come in two major types. Thus, the Expiry and Non-expiry bundles.

Expiry Bundles

The expiry bundles are ones that do expire or are valid for some given number of days or weeks.  Some popular types of expiry bundles are the;

1. Daily: This is the most common amongst them all. This also said to last for 24 hours.  And, normally have no grace period, sometimes its grace period is some few hours.

2. Weekly offers: These bundles are also said to last for 7 days that’s roughly a week after purchase. You can be given some grace period if purchase offers are not exhausted when time is due.

3. Monthly/ Supreme offers: These bundles are set to last for 30 days after being purchased. And it’s the expensive amongst them all. Although it’s the most expensive, it comes with the huge and amazing offers.

According to Vodafone, sometimes when the validity time given is up and purchased bundle is not exhausted, grace period roughly 3-5 can be given.

Non-Expiry Bundles

These types of bundles do not expired but rather exhausted. These bundles are mostly lifetime bundles or last for a longer period. These bundles are sometimes expensive than the expiry bundles. The price of offers ranges from 0.50p to ¢30.00.

Steps To Purchase Vodafone Red Bundles

 The short code for this offer is *200#. Kindly follow the below procedure to purchase and red bundle offer you find appealing.

1. Dial *200#

2. Now select any offer. (Flexi, expiry, non-expiry, monthly/supreme)

3. Now select one of the packages available.

4. Proceed to confirm payment with Vodafone cash wallet or airtime.

Take note, all packages provide more info about itself when selected, you can press 0 to go back if you ain’t okay with any prior select offer. Just like all other Vodafone offers, with the red bundles, you can also set an auto-renewal for it.

This means your bundles with be automatically renewed when expired. Especially for individuals on daily offers. Bear in mind that auto-renewal options can also be stopped. You can follow the below procedures to stop red bundles auto-renewals.

1. Dial *200#

2. Select 7 which say manage offers

3. Select option 1, stop auto-renewals.

You’ll successfully stop all auto-renewals

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Red Bundles Alternative

Being human, we’ll always want the best for ourselves. That’s why every single customer has his/her favorite merchant. We thought we could make this article more detailed by including another alternative Vodafone call bundle subscribers can also try out.

1. Vodafone Kasatenten:

The kasatenten or free after one offer, is just like MTN’s nkomode offer. Here, you’ll have to pay for the first minute of your call. And the fixed price for this 0.30p. After that, you can talk for minutes for free.

The short code to try this offer is *135#, follow the necessary prompts to subscribe to the offer. Remember it has its own terms and conditions.

Lastly, this is one of the amazing offers on Vodafone’s list now. Integrated bundles are always cost-effective and gives subscribers value for their money spent. Just like all other Vodafone offers,

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