Vodafone Made 4 Me (M4M) Bundles & Short code

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Everybody loves integrated bundle packages. The Vodafone made 4 me (M4M) bundles is one of them. And in this article, we will be elaborating the procedures involved in purchasing these offers as well as short code for accessing these offers.

The M4M bundle is a bundle package that comes with data bundles, SMS, and voice minutes. Some of these offers do expire within 24 hours, some do last for 3 days and even for 7 days thus, a week.

Vodafone Ghana is known to be one of the telco companies with enormous set of internet bundle packages. The made 4 me is one of the amazing and affordable bundles currently, that may come with SMS package, onnet minutes and allnet minutes as well. Thus, minutes for calling both Vodafone and other networks.

This bundle is available to all subscribers whether old or new to the network. The offers on there changes as time goes one. New users can get up to 1 GB for Ghc 1.1p.

Steps To Purchase Vodafone Made 4 Me Bundles

  1. Dial *530#
  2. Select your opt-for package
  3. Proceed and confirm purchase with airtime or Vodafone cash.
  4. Select whether you want that particular offer for one-time or want it to be auto-renewed when exhausted or expired.

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That’s it for the M4M bundles, and remember you’ll have a couple packages. As said earlier, some packages may come as an integrated bundle, thus, with SMS, talk time and data. Some may also provide on data bundle.

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