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Even with the biggest amount of data or internet bundle, you still need to have a proper internet or APN settings. Else, it either your mobile phone’s data won’t turn-on, and you can never connect to the internet.

We found it important to write about this in regard to the number of searches this keyword gets in a month according to Google and Microsoft related browsers. So, in the article we will do well to throw some light on what internet and APN settings are and also conclude with the procedures involved to set up and new one to fix the non-functional one.

Firstly, what’s the meaning of APN? It simply means access point network. This setting is what help connect you to the internet on the network. Every telecommunication company has it own internet settings. MTN, Airteltigo and Glo all have different set-ups.

On the normal, these settings are automatically installed mostly. In this case, it’s not necessary most often to set it up. Sometimes you’ll have to set it up manually when it’s not functional anymore.

Mostly, new subscribers get a message that contains the full internet settings configurations. What you have to do is to install this configuration settings, and you’re good to go. Let’s get into the procedure to set this up manually.

How To Set up New APN Settings On Vodafone

1. Get onto your phone settings

2. Now select the internet and network option

3. Continue to mobile networks.

4. Now select (APN) or access point network and then continue to edit.

5. Makes this changes, under the “name” enter “VF internet” and then, under “APN “enter “browse”

6. Now proceed to save the edit or new settings.

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You’re done now, and your internet settings will be fully functional. Take note, creating a new APN, you should select new. And also if you create multiple settings make sure to delete them all or select one with the appropriate settings.

If you find the above process complex do not worry, there is an alternative process to get this done. You can contact any of Vodafone’s customer service representatives and then ask if the full internet settings can be sent on your phone through SMS.

If they are able to send it, you’ll just have to click on the message and then click on the configuration install prompt, and you’re good to go.

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