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Visa Free Countries For Ghanaian Passport Holders

Visa Free Countries For Ghanaian Passport Holders
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Just like it’s done yearly, a list of countries where Ghanaian citizens holding a valid passport can visit without needing to get a visa is always publicized. And in this year, these countries are about fourty plus.

Meaning with your passports and necessary preparations needed to be done to make your travel convenient, you can get your plane ticket and boom you set off.  Currently, the way visas are issued amongst countries do vary.

In some countries, you’ll need to have a visa before you can travel there, others you’ll get your visa on arrival and in some countries, you can get your visa electronically. That’s what is popularly known as the evisa. This when you just have to curate the necessary documents needed and then apply for your visa online. Apparently, some of these countries are India, Gabon, Georgia, Columbia, Antigua, Qatar, Bahrain, and few other countries.

With countries like the USA, you’ll have to be interviewed before any sort of visa will be issued. The only time an interview will be skipped is when you fall in the exempt category. For Canada, interviews are scheduled only when necessary according to sources online. And for the United Kingdom, there is no interview involved.

After this brief information about the visa types and how all these countries issue their visa’s, let dive into the visa free countries for Ghanaian passport holders now.

List Of Visa Free Countries For Ghanaian Passport Holders

1. Jamaica

2. Guyana

3. Haiti

4. Kenya

5. Liberia

6. Mali

7. Gambia

8. Zimbabwe

9. Gambia

10. Trinidad and Tobago

11. Uganda

12. Tanzania

13. Eswatini

14. Togo

15. Indonesia

16. Mauritius

17. Vanuatu

18. Micronesia

19. Benin

20. Barbados

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21. Senegal

22. Saint Kitts and Nevis

23. Montserrat

24. Niue

25. Niger

26. Cameroon

27. Fiji

28. Cape Verde

29. Guinea

30. Guinea-Bissau

31. Dominica Republic

32. Cook Island

33. Chad

34. Ivory Coast

35. Burkina Faso

36. Liberia

All these countries can be accessed without passing through any visa application processes of any sort. In this case, you should make proper plans ahead to make your travel a good and secure. What we mean here is, about booking a motel or hotel, having enough funds and few others, so you enjoy your travel.

Popular social media influencers like Zion Felix have a full video that shares million dollar information on how to plan and embark on good travel.  You can check this video out and a few others on YouTube.

Disclaimer: This is just an educational article and not from a certified immigration officer. We suggest readers to make more inquiries on information found here. Also, we are no travel agents and do not intend to be one. (Read our policies)

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