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Apparently, Airteltigo is known to be the third largest Telecommunication company in Ghana. Just like other telcoms like MTN, Vodafone etc… they also have shortcodes for all their services and offers they render to their customers.

Airteltigo is know to be a combination of two different telcos that existed sepeartly in Ghana sometime ago. Thus, Tigo and Airtel. They’re now combined and have a new name Airteltigo, merged their services as well us customers together as one family.

They also do have lots of ussd codes for their services like MTN and Vodafone. In this guide, we will do our possible best to list down most of these shortcodes especially, ones that have gained much popularity.

List Of All AirtelTigo Short codes

Check Balance*124#
Check Data Balance*504#
Check Call bonus*133*110#
Check Bonus*504#
Borrow airtime*187#
Borrow Airtime*588#
Borrow Data (Airtel only)*554#
Borrow Data (Tigo)*589#
Reacharge*134* voucher #
Tigo Free Bonto*555*1#
Data Bundles*111#
Call center100
Call me back*701*phone number#
Check Phone Number*703#
Check Phone Number*841#
International Call bundle*151#
Sika Kokoo*111#
Fuse Bundles*567#
Family Insurance*900#
Deactivate Family Insurance*828#
Hospital Insurance*550#
Sim car Reg status*400#
Family and Friends*708#
Blackberry plans*360#
Job Updates*108#
Airteltigo Money Transfer*110#
Gift data to friends & families*123#
Request data*123*5#
Call me back*701* number1#
Voicemail sending108
Voicemail receiving109

In conclusion, as said earlier in our intro, we’ve done our best to write-down almost all the useful shortcode Airteltigo subscribers will find useful. Just like we do in most of our articles like this, we did add shortcut to some services.

Yoou might find some ussd codes to be long and unfamiliar. You can go ahead and try them out, if it doesn’t work, let us know so we correct them. But correctly all listed above works perfectly.

You can give us a comment on the service or offer we didn’t include in our list, and we will do our best to get that in the list within 24 hours.

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