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This guide will enlighten you on everything about the MTN mashup and pulse loyalty bundles. Also, the process involved in its activation. MTN is among of the telcos that provide amazing integrated bundles. What we meant by integrated bundle here is, bundles that provide, talk time, SMS units and internet bundle. MTN mashup and pulse is one of the best and breathtaking integrated bundle in Ghana today.

This guide’s main aim is to shed light on this amazing offer by elaborating on the vital information about this offer and more. The Mashup and pulse bundle by MTN is available for MTN subscribers no matter whether you are new or old on the network.

The mashup bundles provide talk time, internet bundles and SMS units while the pulse loyalty also offers discount codes to amazing places and food joints here in Ghana like;
i. Silverbird Cinema (Mondays)
ii. KFC (Mon-Thursdays)
iii. Potbelly (Friday)

This why this offer amongst one of the popular offers here in Ghana. The price of these packages ranges from GHC 0.5p to even GHC 30.00 cedis. Apparently, these packages do not expire and can be bought on behalf of others.

This means you can purchase or let someone purchase any of the packages for you. Either with mobile money or with airtime or credit.

MTN Mashup & Pulse Bundle Short code

The shortcode for MTN mashup and pulse loyalty is *567#. Once you dial this code you will be exposed to all the options available for both pulse loyalty and mashup bundles.

Ways You can Purchase The MTN Mashup & Pulse Bundle

Currently, you can purchase your mashup and pulse bundles using two different ways or medium.

  1. Using the shortcode method. Thus, *567#
  2. Using the MTN official App (and navigating to buy/send)

Also: All MTN Short codes

How To Purchase MTN Mashup Bundle

  1. Dial *567# and send.
  2. Select option 1
  3. Select option 1 (mashup for self)
  4. Select the offer you’re willing to purchase. (ranges from ghc 1.00 to 30.00)
  5. Proceed to confirm and make payment you’re required to use airtime or mobile money.
  6. You’re done!!!

How To Purchase MTN Mashup Bundle For Someone

  1. Dial *567# and send.
  2. Select option 1
  3. Select option 2 (mashup for others)
  4. Enter the recipient phone number and confirm once again
  5. Now select the package you’re willing to purchase
  6. Proceed to confirm and make payment you’re required to use airtime or mobile money.
  7. You’re done!!!

How To Check Mashup Balance

  1. Dial *567# and send.
  2. Select option 1
  3. Select option 99 (more)
  4. Select option 6 (check balance)
  5. Your balance will then pop up

How To Get your Discount Codes On Pulse Loyalty

As said earlier, the pulse loyalty provides subscribers with discount codes to shop and visit places like Cinema’s Potbelly, KFC. Remember, these discounts are given on some specific days. This means, to get cinema ticket discount codes, you have to generate them only on Mondays. Generating discount codes for cinema on any day apart from Monday won’t work.

The same applied to Potbelly and KFC, they also have specific days to generate discount codes as mentioned earlier in the article.
i. Silverbird (Mondays)
ii. Potbelly (Fridays)
iii. KFC (Mondays to Thursdays)

  1. Dial *567# and send.
  2. Select option 1
  3. Select option 4 (pulse loyalty)
  4. Select from the options provided to generate your discount code.
  5. You’ll also receive it through a message as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the short code for MTN Mashup and Pulse?
    Ans: *567#
  2. What does Integrated bundle means?
    Ans: This means a bundle that comes with SMS units, talk time as well as internet bundle
  3. Can I buy Mashup bundle for friends and families?
    Ans: Yes… Use the “mashup for others” option
  4. Is this offer available to everyone?
    Ans: Yes… the offer is available to all MTN subscribers.

In a nutshell, mashup and pulse bundle are one of the popular and amazing offers from MTN to their customers. Above is almost everything you need to know about this service.

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