MTN Internet Settings And How To Set up New APN

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Connecting the internet can be a problem if your internet settings are not complete. Although most often you’re not expected to set your internet settings, sometime you have to get it done manually.

And this guide is going to help you will all the procedures involved to create or set up a new APN settings. By APN, we mean access point network. Every telco has it own APN settings, and if not set properly your phone will find it difficult to connect to the internet.

Meaning if your settings aren’t functioning properly or are messed up, you’ll find it difficult to turn-on your mobile data on your mobile device. These settings can be fixed manually and mostly comes fully configured.

Sometimes your settings can get messed up, and you’ll have to fix it by yourself. This guide will help you with all the procedures involved to get this done.

How To Set up MTN Internet Settings

1. On your mobile settings

2. Select internet and network

3.  Select mobile networks.

4. Select APN (And if you’re to create a new one select new)

5. Now at name enter “MTN” and at APN enter “internet”

6.  And then proceed to save.

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After this procedure you’re good to go… The problem with your internet settings should be fixed. This procedure can help fix your mobile data not turning-on issue or not being able to connect to the internet problem.

There is an alternative method as well, individuals who find the above process rigorous can try this method. You will have to contact any MTN’s customer service support representatives and ask them if they can send the MTN internet settings on your phone.

You’ll then have to install the full configuration settings, and you’re good to go. If not they can help fix it virtually as well.

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