MTN Free After One (Nkomode) Code, Activation & Deactivation

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We all do love to get discount anytime we purchase or buy online and offline from vendors or service providers. The free after 1 popularly known as the Nkomode or Talk chaw one of MTN’s popular offers today. This is because, subscribers pay for the first minute of their calls only.

This means you can talk for an hour and pay for the first minute only. According to Google trends and other SEO tools or platform, MTN free after 1 is one of the searched keywords here in Ghana.

This affirms our comment we made in the line of this article. Since we all love to know about this amazing offered by MTN, we decided to write on this offer and do well to elaborate on some important information everyone will love to know about this offer.

MTN Free After One or Nkomode Code

The short code for the MTN free after 1 (talk chaw or nkomode) is now *550#. At first, it was *350#, and later changed by MTN.

The old code stopped working during the mid of the year 2022.

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How To Activate MTN Free After One

  1. Dial *550# and send.
  2. Select option 6 (Free After One)
  3. Select option 1 (Activate)
  4. Select option 1 (Confirm)
  5. You’ll now be subscribed to the service.

After the above procedure, you’ll be charged for the first minute of your calls. And your calls can last for an hour. Apparently, calls that last for an hour are charged 0.35p when the call is between to MTN subscribers.

For other networks, calls may last for 10 minutes or 5 minutes and still be charged the same amount mentioned earlier 0.35p

How To Deactivate MTN Free After One

  1. Dial *550# and send.
  2. Select option 6 (Free After One)
  3. Select option 2 (Deactivate)

After confirming, you’ll be deactivated from the service successfully. You can reactivate and use the service anytime if you prefer to do so.

MTN Nkomode Code Not Working Again

Just as mentioned earlier in this guide, MTN Ghana did change the nkomode or free after one short code during the mid of the year 2022. This why lots of subscribers ask numerous questions like; Nkomode code not working again, new short code and many others…

The new code to subscribe to this service or deactivate this service is 5506# or *550#.

Individuals willing to use the code which is *350# can also try by calling 350 and the following the prompts to successfully activate or deactivate the service.

Frequently Asked Questions

People do ask a lot of questions about it. From its new short code to the minutes it takes now and new amount been charged.

  1. What is the MTN Nkomode/ Free after one code?

Ans: *550# or *550*6#

  1. How long does calls last when subscribe to MTN nkomode or free after one?

Ans: Calls lasted for an hour mostly, but apparently, calls are known to last for 10 minutes and if the call with a different network calls are known to last below 10 minutes

  1. How will I be charged after every call?

Ans: Apparently free after one calls are charged 0.35p

  1. What is the difference between Nkomode and Free after one?

Ans: They all have the same. And some people also call it talk chaw

  1. Can I call different networks using the MTN free after one ?

Ans: Yes, but your call won’t last longer than that of calling MTN users.

This article give the facts about the nkomode/ free after one offer in a nutshell. Remember this service is available to all MTN subscribers whether new or old customers.

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