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As things stand now, MTN is the telco company in Ghana with lots of call bundle packages. And this article will not be listing only, but also elaborate them all to readers like you to know and understand how all these offers do work.

MTN do have offers for subscribers who just registered on the network to customers who have being on the network for years. Depending on your preferred bundle you can get an amazing offer which is cost-effective.

Talking about cost-effective packages, some of these bundles, do not come with voice minutes only, but some do come with SMS, data bundles for surfing the internet and voice minutes to call MTN numbers and other networks.

An example is the Pulse and Sunday special bundles, they come with minutes and SMS bundles as well.

List MTN Call Bundles

1. Free After one (Nkomode Bundle)

The after one was one MTN’s popular call packages. For some time now, people have lost interest in it. Considering it search volume according to numerous SEO software. People do not search about it on search engines like Microsoft Bing and Google like they used to do anymore.

But just as it name goes, the free after one or nkomode is a package that allows you to talk for several minutes, and you just pay for the first minute. Which normally rates from 0.25p to 0.30p.

To be able to use this offer, you’ll first have to subscribe to the service. Below is the procedures involved to subscribe to this offer;

1. Dial *550#

2. Select 6, free after one

3. Select 1, to subscribe.

Now, since you’re subscribed to the service, the offer will take effect automatically when you make a call.

2.  MTN Sunday Special:

The Sunday special is also an offer that is valid on Sundays only. Although can be purchased on any day. Just as mentioned earlier this offer is one of the integrated bundles on our list. It do come with talktime, SMS and data bundles.

There are no requirements to meet in order to have access to this offer. Below is the procedure to purchase this Sunday special offer.

1. Dial *5050#

2. Now select your preferred offer

3. Proceed to confirm your purchased….. and that’s it.

3. MTN Jara:

The Jara offer is a call bundle available for MTN subscribers living in the below listed areas. Volta, Oti, Upper East, Upper West, Bono, Bono East, Ahafo, Northern East and Savannah regions.

This is also an integrated bundle that comes with SMS bundles and voice minutes. To be able to access this offer you should be in the above listed regions, and also you should have to be a prepaid user.

The short code to access this offer is *5055#, individuals in the above listed regions and wanting to know about these offers should try visit MTN update on this offer on their official website.

4. International Bundles and Roaming Bundles (IDD):

This offer is for individuals especially businessmen and women who do make lots of international calls most often. And the roaming bundles are for individuals living outside the country but still using their MTN sim.

The international or IDD bundles cover listed areas like Europe, North America which consist of America and Canada, Asia, Africa, and some part of Southern America including the Caribbeans.

These are cost-effective bundles that allow you to talk and connect with loved ones and business partners at reasonable prices. With this bundle you can call countries like the UK, USA, Canada, Germany, India, Belgium, UAE, Italy and many other countries.

The offer is available to every MTN user and the short code to access this offer is *138#. Follow the below process to purchase your IDD bundles;

1. Dial *138#

2. Select 6, for more

3. You can also use the MTN official app to buy these offers if the short code method don’t work out for you.

5. Magic Number:

This also called the Akwaaba offer, which allows newly subscribed customers to make free calls for a duration of 6 months with a single selected phone number. With this offer there is a set forth requirement which is you have to be new on the network.

And also, you can make this free call with a single selected phone number. When means all calls you’d make with different numbers will have to be paid for. So with this offer you can use your mom, dad, or partner’s number and then enjoy unlimited calls with him/her for this grace period.

Once you meet the requirement to use this offer you just have to dial *550# and then follow prompts to subscribe to this offer. Below is the step-by-step procedures to subscribe to this offer.

1. Dial *550#

2. Select 8, for more

3. Select 2, magic number

4. Now proceed to entered and confirm the phone number you are willing to use for this offer.

5. Once confirmed you will receive a success SMS.

6. Mashup Pulse Loyalty Bundles:

Currently, the most popular call bundle according to SEO software metrics is the mashup bundle. The number of people who search for the keyword Mashup or mashup code keep increasing every month.

This is also an integrated bundle that is available to all MTN users. These bundles are not expiry and comes at reasonable prices. The process to purchase these bundles is not a rigorous one. This short code to access this offer is *567# and then you proceed to follow prompts to confirm purchase.

1. Dial *567#

2. Select your preferred offer

3. Now confirm purchase with airtime or mobile money wallet balance.

7. Just4U Bundle:

The last of our list is the Just4u bundles. The just4u bundle is gaining popularity slowly as time goes on. Majority of the just for you bundles are internet bundle, packages with voice minutes are sometimes less on there.

There are no requirements to meet before you can access this offer as an MTN user. Every individual registered on the network can have access to it. The con about this offer is, there are less voice minutes offers and all bundles are paid for with airtime.

Thus, currently you can’t purchase just4u bundles with mobile money. The Just4u bundles can be purchase using the USSD code method or with the MTN official app. The short code to access this offer is *141#. Below is the procedure to get it done.

1. Dial  *141#

2. Select your preferred offer

3. Confirm to make payment with your airtime balance.

In conclusion, there are lots of call bundle offers by MTN that are cost-effective available to all subscribers. Some come with requirement others don’t. Above are some of these bundles, even though this is not all, but they are the popular ones amongst subscribers now. For more information you can visit MTN official website and navigate to the voice bundles catalogue.

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