How To Transfer Data Bundles From MTN To MTN

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Just like you can transfer airtime to friends and families, you can also transfer data from MTN to another MTN number. This article contains everything you need to know and includes the procedures involved to perform such action.

The MTN datashare was introduced to help subscribers share or transfer data bundles from one number to the other. And since this is a trending keyword on the internet, we decided to write a content that will cover every necessary info you’re required to know as a subscriber.

Presently, the only way to transfer data is by using the “for others” option when purchasing data bundles. Remember, either you’ll be using mobile money or airtime to make payment, you still need to select the “for others” option.

Steps To Transfer Data From MTN To MTN

There are two different ways to purchase internet bundles on MTN currently, The most popular is the short code method which is *138#. Currently, since we’re getting more techy as time goes on, MTN released their official app where subscribers can purchase airtime, data bundles and all other packages of their interest.

In this guide, will provide procedures to get this done using both methods.

  1. Dial *138#
  2. Select Option 1 (Proceed)
  3. Now Select the preferred data package you are willing to purchase
  4. Select 2 (For Others)
  5. Enter recipient number twice for confirmation
  6. Select offer and proceed to make payment whether with airtime or mobile money.

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Procedures involved using the MTN official app.

  1. Launch App
  2. Tap on the “buy/send” at the bottom left of your screen
  3. Select “data”
  4. Now select your preferred offer
  5. Select “others” and enter recipient phone number
  6. Select your payment option as well and then confirm payment.

Completing any of the above procedures you’ll be able to transfer data bundle from your MTN number to another MTN number.

People might also ask questions like, how do I transfer already bought data bundle on a different sim to my sim? Currently, the procedure to do something like that is not out yet. And if any changes happen in the mere future, we will do well to update our guide or write a whole content concerning that.

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