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The MTN Me2U service is the medium through which you can transfer airtime from MTN to another MTN number. This is not a difficult thing to do, this short guide will help you on how to get it done.

MTN users can share their airtime with friends and families if they think they have enough. Like the datashare, that also helps subscribers share their internet bundles with friends and families as well.

Glo is known to be the telco company that currently have this kind of service too (Glo data sharing). Transferring airtime from one number to another is made very easy now through the Me2U service. Firstly, every MTN subscriber is eligible to use this service.

What you need to do is to, activate this service and set up a secret pin. This four digit pin is what you’ll use to confirm your airtime transfers anytime you make any. There is an alternative way to do this though. Thus, you’ll have to subscribe to Me2U service and send the phone number and your Me2U pin to 1329.

How To Activate Me2U

  1. Dial *198# and send
  2. Select 1 (activate)
  3. Now Enter and also confirm your preferred new pin

And that’s it for activating the Me2U service. This is the pin you’ll be using when you make any sort of airtime transfer. Just to verify it’s you.

Steps To Transfer Airtime From MTN To Another MTN Number

  1. Dial *198#
  2. Select 2 (transfer)
  3. Enter the number you’re willing to send the airtime to
  4. Enter the amount or value
  5. Enter the amount once again, but do not include any special letter like dot (.)
  6. Enter the Me2U pin set earlier.

You’ll have to receive a message or notification indicating if your process was successful or not. If you get it right, then you’re done.

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Better still, you can try this alternative method to transfer airtime to different numbers as well. Thus, by using the “for others” options anytime you are on the verge of purchasing airtime using MTN mobile money.

You’ll have to use the procedure involved when purchasing airtime with your mobile money wallet. And then you select the “for others” option, enter and confirm the recipient phone number and finalized everything by entering your wallet pin to confirm purchase.

Here, you’ll need money in your wallet to complete the airtime transfer, but for the Me2U option you use your credit balance rather than money in your wallet.

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