How To Reverse Wrong Mobile Money Transactions

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Although the probability to make wrong transfers on MTN momo is very less, mistakes still do happen as we are humans. This article will be touching on the best ways or solutions on how to reverse wrong mobile money transfers.

Do not worry or panic about the recipient spending that wrong transfer of yours. This is because, legally it’s wrong to do something like that. And one can be penalized for spending wrong transfers made into whether bank account or e-wallets.

Because of the high rate of mobile money fraud, it’s somehow unrealistic to contact people when you mistakenly make wrong transfers. This is because if not confirmed you are likely to be regarded as a fraudster which can be awkward sometimes.

This is the reason you’re asked to confirm the name of the recipient twice anytime you try to make any transaction. Currently, there are two different ways in which you can reverse wrong transfers. Stay with us as we walk you through these procedures.

Ways To Reverse Wrong Momo Transactions

The two available ways to reverse mobile money transfer is to either,

1. Contact the recipient for the reversal:

Even on MTN app’s FAQs about wrong transfer reversal, the response is to contact the recipient for the money to be reversed. And if the recipient insists they need any sort of help contact MTN, so they can assist him/her send back your money.

This option can be embarrassing because of the high rate of momo frauds. Immediately you contact someone today saying something like this, they will prolly think you might be a fraudster, and it can spark some sort of misunderstanding.

This procedure can be easy and smooth if, this individual (recipient) confirms the transfer and notice it’s legit. That’s when him/her might talk to you nicely and even reverse the money to you without you involving any MTN rep.

If the first option doesn’t go as planned, you can opt for the second option.

2. Contact MTN’s customer representative:

Since they are the administrators of the service, if option one doesn’t go as planned the only thing left to do is to contact them. Once your transaction is not more than 15 days old, something can be done about it.

You’ll have to contact a customer service representative and provide needed information for them to help you get your money back. Follow the below procedure to do this;

1. Dial and call 100

2. Select your preferred language

3. Press 3, which says mobile money services

4. Option 5, Money Reversal issues

5. You’ll be connected you to a customer representative and then be asked a few questions about the transaction. You’ll be noticed in case of any investigations or measures taken to get your money back safely.

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How To Limit Making Wrong Transactions

MTN have being trying their possible best to limit the rate of wrong transactions when it comes to MTN mobile money services. The only tip to take into consideration when making transactions is to confirm or cross-check the name of the recipient before entering the pin to confirm payment.

Using the MTN app is somehow different, but you can still, cross-check the name that appears when you enter your recipient number.

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