How To Reverse Airtime or Credit To Cash on MTN Mobile Money

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What comes in mind next when you mistakenly purchase airtime or credit worth what you really wanted using MTN mobile money? You can be saved when your balance isn’t enough but if it is, you’re doomed. This guide will help you on the procedure to reverse mistakenly purchased airtime or credit with your mobile money back to cash into your wallet.

I was once a victim, I was actually willing to purchase ¢10.00 worth of airtime to subscribe to MTN’s pulse loyalty bundle. I mistakenly typed 100 instead of 10 and confirmed purchase by inputting my momo pin. Furthermore, I later realize my balance wasn’t what I expected, looking closer I saw I rather purchased ¢100.00 instead of ¢10.00.

Finding your self in a case like this you’ll have to reverse the airtime back to cash into your wallet. It’s easy to do this, but it also comes with some terms and conditions. Some of these terms are, if you used part of the airtime purchased mistakenly, you can’t reverse it back.

Whether it being, bonus or part of the airtime still can’t be reversed. Also, not all airtime can be reversed. Airtime bought with your own mobile money wallet can be reversed only if it’s intact and haven’t being touched.

Also, the minimum amount you can reverse is currently set at ¢10.00. Any amount lower than the minimum amount mentioned earlier can’t be reversed. Any amount above the set forth minimum can be reverse. And below is the procedure to do that.

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Steps To Reverse A Wrong Airtime Top up To MTN Mobile Money Wallet

1. Dial *170#

2. Select 6, which says my wallet

3. Proceed to select 7, Airtime

4. Now follow all prompts to finalize the reversal process.

Take note: The above procedure wouldn’t work for individuals using a merchant mobile money account. And as mentioned earlier you have a grace period of three days which is equivalent to 72 hours to reverse wrong airtime top-ups. And also make sure you haven’t spent part or the bonus from airtime purchased.

If the above procedure doesn’t work for you. You can also try other alternatives like, using the MTN official App and the tap on the help option, select FAQs and then momo, and then you’ll get access to list of frequently asked question about using mobile money. And you’ll get the up-to-date advice on what to do when you make a wrong airtime top up with your mobile money wallet.

Last but not the least, you can also contact any of MTN’s customer service representatives to see whether they can help you out. Here you’d have to select momo option and proceed.

Final words, airtime, or credit top-ups made wrongly, can be reversed, and the above procedures will help you get this done. This article has provided almost three different alternatives you can opt for. You can do well to check out or guide on how to reverse wrong mobile money transfers as well.

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