How To Report All Types Of MTN Mobile Money Fraud

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The rate of cybercrime, teclo fraud in the country now is alarming since things have been a bit tough. We found it thoughtful to educate our readers on how to report cyber frauds like the MTN mobile money fraud if one get targeted.

As new technologies and innovations gets in the system, these scammers also make new ways and format to lure and victimize their targets always. This article will be sharing some things to do if one gets targeted by any of these crooks. We will be looking at the procedures involved to report fraud cases and some prevention tips from MTN.

So far, MTN is doing well by publicizing some prevention tips which would help minimize this cyber theft cases. Today, you can report almost all fraud cases. Some of these fraud schemes are; fake promotions, fake SMS, fake blocking of accounts, wrong transfers and few others.

Steps To Report Frauds

Here, we will be using the MTN official app because it’s easy to access and doesn’t require data to operate as well. Below are the procedures involved to get this done.

1. Launch your MTN official App

2. Tap the momo section, enter your pin to log in to momo interface

3. Scroll down and select report fraud from the options available

4. Now select the type of fraud, indicate whether they took money from you and finally enter the phone number involved in that fraudulent activity.

Fraud Prevention Tips

According to MTN below are some of the preventive tips for mobile money users.

1. Do not entertain any call which claims to be from MTN office except from 0244300000

2. No MTN representative will ask you to get your mobile money pin code or MTN app pin to them

3. Never send money first for any sort of reward afterwards. (lottery, job, loan etc.)

4. Do not believe an emergency story from someone who claims to be a relative without verifying who the person is.

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In conclusion, we all have the strength to stop cyber crimes. By protecting ourselves from these cooks no one will be their victim. Always remember, it’s important to contact MTN representatives anytime you are targeted. Do not give your pin to anybody no matter how they try to get it from you.

Always try to be on guard. And you can also change your pin regularly to be more secured.

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