How To Link NHIS To Ghana Card On Phone And Short Code

How To Link NHIS To Ghana card On Phone And Short Code
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According to NHIA, you can now link your NHIS card to your Ghana card. For the past few years, Ghana card has been one of the most used national identification document for Ghanaian’s and even foreigners in the country.

As all decisions and agendas are made up to make the Ghana card more important day-in day-out. Now, you need a Ghana card to make transaction at the bank, and even have to link it to your bank account even though you registered it with legit documents of your own.

The same applies to the health sector, today you can link your NHIS card to your Ghana card and then visit any hospital with it. New registrants do not get the blue card anymore but rather use their Ghana card since it will be linked automatically.

In this guide, we will be touching on the procedures in which you can link your card to your Ghana card on phone. You can do this on phone only if your name and date of birth on your NHIS card and one on their Ghana card are the same.

If not you’ll have to visit the nearest NHIS district office for them to get that done for you for free.

Steps to Link NHIS card to Ghana Card

  1. Dial *929# and send
  2. Select Option 4, which says link Ghana card
  3. Now enter your Ghana card number (eg: GHA-xxxxxxxxx-x)
  4. Enter your Membership Number

After that, you’ll be notified if your card was linked successfully. And if your card is already linked, you’ll be notified. Remember, this procedure is for individuals whose name and date of birth on their NHIS card is the same as the one in their Ghana card.

For individuals who have different names or date of birth on any of the cards. You’ll have to visit the nearest district office to get it done.

Remember, the short code provided above is what to use. It is accessible on all networks, just like renewal on phone. After your card is linked successfully, you can visit the hospital with your Ghana card anytime.

And if you are to renew your membership on the scheme, you will have to take your Ghana card with you to any NHIS office to get it renewed. You can also choose to renew it on phone by using the Ghana card option. Check out our previous article on how to get it done.

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