How To Check Vodafone Phone Number And Short code

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As we are humans, there is no way we can remember everything we come across or anything in our life (lives). Sometimes things you forget are simple things like names of people we see day-in day-out, short code to access some package or even our own phone numbers.

The motive of this guide is to touch on the procedure how to check your Vodafone Ghana phone number as well as the short code to do this.

How To Check My Vodafone Ghana Phone Number

  1. Dial *99#
  2. You’d receive a message like MSISDN: 233205…..6. After the MSISDN what follows is your phone number.
    And yes… that’s it.

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Also, this is not the only way to check your Vodafone phone number as well. You can also check by calling a different number, thus, any network. This procedure is for individuals with airtime.

The above procedure doesn’t require any credit to get it done. After you dial *99#, you’re good to go.

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