How To Check Vodafone Bundle Balance

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Checking your bundle balance on Vodafone can be kinda complex sometimes. Especially when you’re on some special bundles like the Made4Me. The most popular method most subscribers use is the *124# code.

This guide is going to help all Vodafone subscribers with the short code to access full balance of all their data bundle balance. Whether it being, M4M balance, No-expiry balance etc.

Steps To Check Vodafone Bundle Balance

  1. Dial *126# and send
  2. You’d get a pop-up of all your data bundle balance. (Thus, all packages you’re on at that moment)

Also, you can use the *124# USSD code, if your phone allows multiple pop-ups. That’s because, using this method, your airtime balance will have to pop up first before your data and bonus balance follows. Which on some phones, will be difficult for such thing to happen.

To conclude, both USSD codes can be used to get this done. It’s up to you to select which one that will work perfect for yourself.

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