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We all sometimes do forget our phone numbers, and when you’ve misplaced your sim card case as well, it becomes quite difficult to find your phone number.

Although there are several ways to check your number, most of these procedures seem to demand something first or even something else… In this guide, just like our heading says, we will be enlightening our readers on the step-by-step procedure to check their phone numbers.

And also, provide few other numerous ways in which one can check his or her number using any of them.

Short code To Check My MTN Phone Number

The USSD to check your phone number is *156# currently. This is accessible by every subscriber.

How To Check My MTN Phone Number

Apparently, there are several ways in which you can check your number. Below are some of these ways;

  1. Use the short code method *156#
  2. Call a different number with your phone number
  3. Check your number using sim card services
  4. Check your number using your My MTN App profile

And few other smart ways. In this guide, we will be using the short code method as an example. And also use the mobile app as an example too. This is because it’s free, and you won’t have to depend on any third party, as well as it can be accessed with any mobile phone. With the exemption of the mobile app procedure.

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Steps To Check My MTN Phone Number

1. Dial *156# and send

2. Select option 1 (Check My Number)

3. Your phone number will pop up on your screen in seconds.
4. Just like that… won’t take you up to 3 minutes to get this done.

Steps To Check My Phone Number Using MTN App

You can also check your phone number on the MTN App. This is for individuals who have the app installed on their smartphone and registered.

1. Launch the MTN app

2. Tap on the menu bar at the top-most right corner of your screen
3. Scroll down and select Profile.

4. You’ll see your name, phone number Puk and the activation date of your sim card as well as the plan you’re on.

This is also the alternative way of checking your number without using the short code method.

In conclusion, we did highlight few methods in which you can check your MTN phone number as an MTN subscriber and also elaborated two of these procedures. Thus, using the short code method which is *156# and the official app procedure.

We did our possible best to include everything in this guide, you can also alert us if you feel we missed anything in there.

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