How To Check MTN Mobile Money Registration Details

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Most often some sort of curiosity sparks in one’s head and the only way to clear that doubt off is by finding a solution to it. You may be reading this article because you all of a sudden want to know the full name and some details associated to your MTN mobile money.

This guide will help you do that. And also enlighten you on something you might also find important. Thus, getting access to the next of kin option on mobile money. Since the momo service do deal with money like registered banks, they have few options like these banks do have as well. And we have an inserted link in the article that will lead you to our previous article on how to get this done.

Apparently, there are several ways in which you can check your mobile money details. You can use the official app by MTN or use the USSD code method. In this guide, we will be using the USSD code method. Below are the procedures involved to get this done.

How To Check MTN Momo Registration Details

1. Dial *170#

2. Select option 6, which say “My wallet”

3. Select #, for next

4. Select option 11, which says name & next of kin

5. The name used to register the particular mobile money account should appear, as well as the phone number and name of the linked next of kin.

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You would get access to this message through a popup notification, not an SMS. Here, the only information you’ll get access to is the full name and next of kin. Just as said earlier, you can change your next of kin if you want to. We have a full article on how to set up or change your next of kin on your MTN mobile money account.

In a nutshell, it’s advisable to check the name associated to your momo account and also make some necessary changes like changing your next of kin. Although you registered to the service with your own identification card, but verifying the real name on your account is worth the stress.

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