How To Check MTN Midnight Bundle Balance

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Checking midnight balance has been very complex since when MTN introduced the non-expiry midnight bundle offer. Since then, both normal bundles and midnight bundles are cumulated together making it difficult to identify the balance for your normal, midnight, and other subscription’s bundle balance.

But the good news is, you can check your midnight bundle balance and the procedure to get this done is so easy and simple. Actually, there are two different procedures involved when checking your balance.
We will elaborate on both of these methods. The available options are;

1. Using shortcode

2. Using the MTN app

First off, the short code to get this done is *138#. After that, you’ll follow a few procedures to get to the promise land. And that’s what we’ll be giving you now, the alternative option will also follow.

Procedure To Check MTN Midnight Bundle Balance

  1. Dial *138#
  2. Select option 99 (which says more)
  3. Proceed to send more thus, option 7
  4. Now, select 3 (which says check bundle balance)
  5. You should receive an SMS indicating your bundle balance of all subscriptions you’re on officially.

Check MTN Midnight Balance With MTN App

Just as said earlier you can also check your midnight balance using the MTN official app. We will say this is the easiest procedure to adopt. The only con is you should have to download this App and there can be mobile phone version requirements as well.
Below is how you can get this done using the app.

1. Download and launch the MTN official App

2. Tap on the “Data” option below the “Airtime” option on your screen.

3. Your data balance should appear on your screen. And all subscriptions you’re on will appear.

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And boom! that’s it. As we mentioned in the intro of the article, this is not anything complicated to get done. It will only be complicated or complex when you don’t have any ideas going about it.

To conclude, every offer purchased on MTN is accessible, all you need is the right gen to get enlightened on something you find complex. Checking your midnight bundle and other subscriptions like social media bundle, pulse loyalty bundle and few others can be done using the MTN app and also with the appropriate short code.

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