How To Buy Vodafone Bundles And Short code

How To Request Vodafone Cash Mini And Long Statement
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Vodafone do have amazing data bundle packages. This guide will help you with the procedures involved to purchase these Vodafone bundles. They are known to have one of the largest variety of internet offers.

Internet bundles like the hour bundles, bossu data are some unique offers you won’t get on other networks. Or even similar, these voda bundles packages do starts from 0.50p to any amount you prefer buying. Note, we will be touching on the short code to get access to these offers as well as the procedures to purchase them.

Vodafone Bundle Short code


Types Of Packages Available

Take note, these are packages available under the *700# Ussd code. This means other integrated offers that include data bundles will be disregarded here.

  1. 2 Moorch non-expiry data
  2. Daily Bundles
  3. Monthly/Jumbo Bundles
  4. Hour Bundles
  5. Night King (midnight bundles)
  6. Bossu data

How To Purchase Vodafone Bundle

  1. Dial *700# and send
  2. Select Option 1 (buy data)
  3. Select your preferred bundle package. And you’ll see the exactly listed packages above. (E.g., If you want the Night king bundle thus, the midnight bundle, select option 6 and then continue)
  4. Confirm to complete purchase with airtime or Vodafone cash wallet
  5. Now, complete everything by selecting whether you want it a one-time bundle or be on auto-renewal

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In Addition, this is not the only way to purchase data packages on Vodafone, you can try using the Vodafone app if you’re an android or iPhone user.

Remember, you can try other integrated bundles, that do come with almost everything. Thus, SMS, data and talk time to all networks. Check out the Red bundles or the Made4me bundles.

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