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Vodafone also do borrow their subscribers’ airtime. This offer is called the SOS credit. Just like all other networks, you can use this talk time to make calls to all networks and has a 1% additional fees.

The most interesting part concerning the Vodafone SOS credit is, borrowed airtime can be used to purchase offers like data bundles and SMS packages and not for only calls. Also, not every subscriber on the network is allowed to get access to this offer.

Qualified subscribers have to be at least 3 months old on the network and also recharge within this period. Starts from 0.5p when you’re a new subscriber and then increases as time goes on.

How To Borrow Airtime On Vodafone

  1. Dial *505# and send
  2. Proceed to select the available credit you’re willing to borrow
  3. Now confirm to complete everything.

You’d surely get a message as it been successful. If you didn’t, you can then check your balance by yourself and if successful you’ll see it below your real balance.

There is an alternative method, thus, you dial *700# just like you intend to purchase data bundle offer and then select option 8 (borrow credit). You proceed to confirm and yes… you’re done.

Lastly, always bear in mind that, all borrowed airtime on the Vodafone SOS credit comes with a 1% additional fees. In this case, if you borrow 0.50p. You’ll be paying 0.55p when you recharge later on.

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