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We all sometimes run out of airtime sometimes… Telcos like MTN, Vodafone, and others have special offers to support their subscribers in situations like this. Once you’re qualified you’ll be allowed to borrow credit for your calls and pay later on.

Xtratime is the word or term used when borrowing credit on MTN. This offer is not available to all MTN subscribers. This is because the set forth requirement for you to get access to this service is, you’ll have to be on the MTN network for at least 3 months and also purchase airtime worth 3 cedis at least.

Also, borrowing talk time on MTN comes with some flat fees just like taking loans. There are fixed fees for every xtratime credit to take on credit. Example 0.5p with attract a fee of 0.05p. In this case, you’ll pay a total of 0.55p when you borrow airtime worth 0.5p on MTN.

This guide will help you with the step-by-step procedure to get this done and also provide the ussd code to access this service as well.

Steps To Borrow Credit On MTN

1. Dial *506# and send

2. Select the preferred amount you’re willing to borrow.

3. Proceed to confirm taking that particular amount.

4. You’ll receive the amount selected.

To check whether you completed the process successfully. Dial *124# to check your airtime balance, and you should see negative followed by airtime you borrowed with additional fees. Example -0.5

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How To Check MTN Xtratime Balance

1. Dial *124# and send.

2. Scroll down the pop message. After your SMS and Just 4 u balance you’ll see your Xtratime balance there.

Last words, individuals who get higher airtime to borrow are loyal subscribers that borrow and pay on time. Not only that, but also top up their account on the regular.

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