Hajia 4Real Biography, Songs, And Everything You Should Know

Hajia4Real Biography, Instagram, Pictures And Songs
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This is a short biography of Haijia4reall popularly known as Mona 4reall. In this article, we will enlighten our readers with almost everything you need to know about this pretty half-cast woman, her biography including her age, parents, Instagram handle, her pictures, music career and her released songs so far.

Hajia4Reall (Mona 4Reall): Biography

Hajia4Real is one of the popular female influencers and beautiful ladies we have in country Ghana. Her biological name is Mona Faiz Montrage and her popular showbiz name is Hajia4real but lately, she changed it when she started doing music. Now her stage name is Mona4real.

She was born on 26th June 1993 in Ghana Tamale to be precise thus northern region. Her mother is a Ghanaian and her dad is a Lebanese. She made it clear in her interview with entertainment blogger ZionFelix that she is a practising Muslim. She grew up with her Ghanaian mother in Tamale and made mentioned in one of her interviews that she loved fashion since her childhood days.

Furthermore, she started her elementary education Tamale which most people know as (primary and JHS). She then came to Accra to continue her senior high school education at Labone Senior Secondary School. She did offer General Arts in her SHS days and furthered her tertiary education in the US (New York Arts of Institute and Design)

Hajia4Reall (Mona 4Reall): Relationship Status

For now in 2021, Mona4real made it clear in one of her interview that she is not yet married but has a supportive boyfriend based in the USA who she has a daughter with. The name of her daughter is Nalia who was 4 years in the year 2020.

She seems to keep lots of her stuff private, although she is into showbiz. She tries her best to keep some vital information and personal information of some people close to her private. You may ask who is the father of her daughter?

The full name of her daughter’s father is not disclosed but, the name almost everyone knows is Latif who is also a Muslim and said to be Shatta wale one of Ghana’s best musicians best friend. He is known to be a successful businessman based in the USA.

Hajia 4real IG Picture

Hajia4Reall (Mona 4Reall): Music Career

Mona4real started her music career in 2020. She released her official song and video on November 27th 2020. In her interviews, she said music is something she loved very much and ready to do music full-time.

When she released her first song (Badder than), which got over 1million views on YouTube a few months. Lots of Ghanaian s were passing lots of comments about her both positive and negative comments. But in her interview with ZionFelix she made it clear that, that was the start, and she is not perfect but as time goes on she will continue to learn and become totally perfect one day.

And this is true! In 2021, she has released three official songs and one featuring Shatta wale. Every individual that listens to all these songs will perfectly and confirm she is improving, and it’s faster than everyone would think of.

After her first released song (Badder than) she started touring on radio stations for couple interviews and freestyle in which she did her best. As of now in August 2021, she has released four (4) songs namely;

  1. Badder Than (November 27, 2020)
  2. Fine Girl (2021)
  3. God’s Child (May 2021)
  4. Baby (July 2021)

In her interview with ZionFelix she also stated that, she has recorded lots of songs that are yet to be released and done lots of features a well. She also said she has a personal studio and a personal sound engineer, so she records anytime she is willing to.

For the writing of her songs, she said she sometimes writes some of her songs alone and also her team help her most often. But her song titled Fine Girl was written by Kuami Eugene.

Hajia4Real Social Media Handles

Nobody will love to read about her without watching her pictures or even following her on any of her social media handles.

Her official Instagram handle is Mona Montrage (@Hajia4reall)

Her Twitter handle is Mona Montrage (@Hajia4reall)

Hajia4Real (Mona 4Reall): Biography, Instagram, Pictures & Songs
Image Credit: @Hajia4reall – Instagram

Hajia4Real (Mona 4Reall): Biography, Instagram, Pictures & Songs
Image Credit: @Hajia4reall – Instagram

Image Credit: @Hajia4reall – Instagram

Hajia4Real (Mona 4Reall): Biography, Instagram, Pictures & Songs
Image Credit: @Hajia4reall – Instagram

Hajia4Real (Mona 4Reall): Biography, Instagram, Pictures & Songs
Image Credit: @Hajia4reall – Instagram

Her Personal Life

She is known very well because of her fashion and suave looking in almost her pictures on the internet. In one of her interviews she made mentioned that she is an entrepreneur, and social media influencer.

Not only that, she also appeared in music videos of top African musicians like Mr. Eazi, Shatta wale, Efya etc. And the loyal fans of Shatta wale will even recall he has mentioned her name couple times in his songs including one of his hit songs Hol it released in 2015-16.

And also she dated, one of the rich men in Ghana named Mr. Kennedy popularly known as Kenpong. She is a cool type and interesting to have a conversation with from what we see in the interviews.

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