GCB Mobile Banking Registration And Short Code

GCB Mobile Banking Registration And Short Code
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As technology keeps taking over and impacting almost every aspect in human lives, The finance industry is also making good use of these technologies to render or give their customers best and quality service.
Today, almost every bank in the world do have the mobile banking option. Mobile banking allows customers to make transactions using their mobile just as it names goes.

Instead of going to the bank and getting stuff done, you’ll just have to register and make your transfers by yourself on your phone.

GCB is one of the oldest and trusted banks in the country now. They are one of the banks that do have the mobile banking service. Their mobile banking is secure just like all other banks and is free to register once you have a bank account with them.

Being registered on the mobile banking service you can perform lots of tasks without stepping foot at the banking hall.

Short code For GCB Mobile Banking And Registration

The short code to access this service is *422#. And it’s the same code for all networks in the country now. Remember to be able to use this service you’ll have to visit the nearest GCB bank, take a mobile banking form and fill it out to register. On the registration form you’ll have to provide little information about yourself, although you already have an account with them.

Some of this information is, residential or digital address, email address, full name, phone number, your GCB account number and finally your signature. You’ll be allowed to go home and then receive a code for the service on the phone number you provided in 24 hours time.

Mostly, it takes up to 24 hours to get your default code to access this service. You’ll be advised to change the default code to one of your choice, so you can remember anytime you need it. Below is a procedure on how to change your GCB mobile banking pin.

How To Change Your Mobile Banking Default Pin

Once you register, you’ll receive a default pin that you will have to change it to your preferred one if you only want to. Below is the procedure to take if you’re willing to change your pin.

  1. Dial *422# and send
  2. Select option 1, which says mobile banking
  3. Select option 6, other services
  4. Now select option 3, which says change pin
  5. You’ll have to enter the old pin before you’ll be allowed to change it to your new preferred pin.

With GCB mobile banking service, you can perform lots of transactions like;
Checking your account balance, transferring fund from bank account to another bank account, and from bank to mobile wallet or vice versa, purchase airtime, pay school fees and do a lot more.

The most interesting about this mobile banking service is it limiting the rate we visit banking hall and being able to check your account balance without having to go request long bank statements

In conclusion, mobile banking and internet banking it taking over in the banking industry today. The rate in which people go to the bank is reducing, since almost all their transaction can be done in their comfort zones.
Remember even though you can still get everything on your own, you should still contact the bank customer representatives if you enter any discrepancies using the service. If a branch is near, you have to walk in there and lodge your complaints and get it rectified.

Disclaimer: This article is for educational purposes only. And also, not from a professional financial advisor. We are convinced any individual which uses our services have read our blog’s privacy policy.

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