Available MTN Mobile Money Loans And How To Borrow

How To Request MTN Momo Mini & Monthly Statement
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MTN being the popular telecommunication company in the country now is definitely because of their numerous offers and packages they do offer their subscribers. As of now, MTN do have about four different loan schemes that provide loan to their loyal customers. When we say customers, what we mean here is, customers who frequently use their mobile money wallet to perform transactions.

In this case, to be qualified to attain any of these loans, you have to build a good credit. Thus, using your momo regularly and also paying out loans as earlier as possible before set forth date of repayment.

To be qualified to take these loans, you sometimes get a message indicating you’re now qualified to take this loan. If you are new to the service, you’ll have to set up a new pin code. This pin code will help you access the loan section. Whether taking a new loan or repaying the loan, you’ll have to enter this setup pin before.

List Of MTN Mobile Money Loans

1. Qwikloan

2. Xpressloan

3. Ahomkaloan

4. Momo Advance

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How To Borrow On MTN Mobile Money

1. Dial *170# and send

2. Select 5, financial services

3.  Select 3, loans.

4.  Here you select the loan option you want to go with or qualified for at the moment.

5. If you’re qualified, select the take a loan option.

6. Select the amount, and then proceed to confirm.

Completing this procedure, only if you’re qualified to get a loan you’ll get one and additional interested will be added. Take note that, failure to repay this loan on time there will be additional interest.

And that may also destroy your credit which may lead to you not getting new loan early after or lesser loan later on. In this case, to get bigger loans like ยข1,000 and more you should frequently use your mobile money account.

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