AirtelTigo APN And Internet Settings

AirtelTigo APN And Internet Settings
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Just like all other telecommunication companies you the subscriber is sometimes required to set up your internet or APN settings when it gets messed up. What causes that mess is what we can’t tell for now but the procedures involved to set up a new one in order to get connected back to the internet is what this article is all about.

In this guide we will throw some light on the airteltigo internet settings and the procedures involved to create a new one or even edit the old one you already have on your device. Just as mentioned earlier it can be set up manually.

But mostly when you’re new on the network, you’re sent an SMS that contains the full configuration settings which you’ll just have to install, and you’ll be all set up. Now lets into the procedures involved to manually create and new set up.

How To Set up Airteltigo Internet Settings

1. On your phone settings navigate to the Internet and network

2.  Select mobile networks.

3. Now select APN or access point network and edit or create a new one.

4. Now, either you create a new APN or edit the previous one, enter “airteltigo internet” under name and Internet or web.tigo.com.gh under APN.

5. Now save your new or edited settings.

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If you find the above procedures complicated, you can try this alternative option. You’ll just have to contact an Airteltigo customer representative to get it fixed for your virtually or by instructions.

You can also request he/she forward the full internet configuration settings on your mobile. If he/she does that, you’ll just have to open the message and then install the configuration settings. Once you install it successfully, you’ll be allowed to access the internet once again.

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